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How to Choose the Right Floor Lamp for Your Living Room

A floor lamp is an important decorating element that helps you define the atmosphere. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect floor lamp for your living room!

08 October 2019 12 0

Light design is one of the most important parts of your home decoration. When it comes to the living room, it is even more fundamental. In fact, the living area is the space where we spend spend our leisure hours, reading a good novel, listening to some music or simply relaxing. The right choice of a floor lamp can enhance the décor of this room in an incredible way. Therefore, floor lamps are among the most popular lights, always present in the living areas of all kinds of homes, thanks to their ability to illuminate and exalt the beauty of the surrounding elements. Let us discover together how to choose the perfect floor lamp for your living room. 

Vertigo Bird | FUNNEL black modern floor lamp | eurooo.com

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If you are a true book lover, this is for you. What is the aspect of a reading nook that contributes the most to make the atmosphere really special? It is the light design, of course! Once you have chosen the most comfortable and cozy armchair you could find, it is time to pair it with a floor lamp. The light must be powerful enough to enable you to read comfortably, but not so powerful to spoil the dreamy atmosphere.

Foscarini | Modern white floor lamp | eurooo.com

Choose this practical and stylish floor lamp by Foscarini


The ideal place for a floor lamp in the living room is next to the sofa. It is here that its design can express its potential at best, both as a decorative element and as a functional one. 

MM Lampadari | ARCH Modern design floor lamp | eurooo.com

Opt for ARCH floor lamp by MM Lampadari


The floor lamp can basically be placed anywhere in the living room, and not necessarily next to sofas or in the corners. In fact, light is often the best way to define a space, and give new dignity to certain areas of the room. Illumination can really be the cherry on top of your interior design: unconventional choices can actually help you create a coherent décor.

Slamp | FLORA Modern design floor lamp | eurooo.com

FLORA design floor lamp by Slamp


Floor lamps are ideal for having additional sources of light and to brighten up a specific part of the room, a spot that requires to be particularly illuminated. The arc floor lamp is a timeless modernist classic, but it looks wonderful even in its more contemporary reinterpretations. This type of lamp creates a fascinating light cone, which combines with the minimalt shape of its base creating a dynamic visual effect. The arc lamp is ideal if you need to add a special detail to your living room, but want to go for something that will not overshadow the rest of the furniture.

Foscarini | Modern arc floor lamp | eurooo.com

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