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The Top Natural Materials for Interior Design: Wood

The use of natural materials is one the main interior design trends in 2019. Wood remains one of the most appreciated and popular natural materials for home design. So let's discover together how it can be used.

08 October 2019 59 0

Wood is one of the top natural materials applyed for interior design in 2019. At the origins of this success, there’s the ever-growing trend of return to nature. As a result more and more people are turning to renewable resource as means of styling their house. If you among them, you may be interested in learning a few tips and ideas on where to adopt wood in your interior design and how. 

Tosato | Classic wooden low bookcasa | eurooo.com

Opt for this classical bookcase by Tosato


If you always want to be on top of the latest trends but at the same time you want to maintain your pure and essential design, then the perfect solution for you is a simple but always striking herringbone wooden floor. Herringbone is a classic that’s often revisited nowadays, but who says it cannot stay the way it always was? 

Alma | DANUBIO classic wooden herringbone floor | eurooo.com

Discover more about DANUBIO herringbone wooden floor by Alma


Adding some touches of bright color may be one of the simplest and yet most efficient ways in which you can upgrade your interior design. If you want to apply your pop of color to a wooden surface, the effect will be simply amazing. Also, you are absolutely free to choose whichever shade you fancy. However, beware of dark wood, especially dark wood with a reddish tint, as it is gets unbelievably more complex to find a color that suits it.

IFT | TWINS colorful wooden coffee tables | eurooo.com

Discover more about TWINS wooden colorful tables by IFT


If you are not ready to restyle your whole house with wood, there are always ways to start small. You can opt for a small fancy coffee table or choose some stylish home accessory. 

Korb | Modern wooden clock | eurooo.com

Choose this modern wooden clock by Korb


You may be wondering if wood can be a good choice for your bathroom too. A suggestion for employing wood in your bathroom design is to select a wooden surface for your wash basin: the resulting contrast between the sleek, white ceramic texture of the basin and the warm darkness of the wood will be simply striking.

Alape | White modern bathroom washbasin | eurooo.com

Discover more designs for your bathroom by Alape


Have you ever considered a wooden pendant light? It’s amazing how you can bend and shape wood into just any form, and also, light coming out of a wooden pendant light will be shedding a warm, steady glow all over the room.

Showrooom Finland | PILKE ceiling lamp | eurooo.com

PILKE ceiling lamp by Showroom Finland

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