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Dada: Design Kitchens Made in Italy

The famous brand Dada offers high-end modern kitchens Made in Italy. If you're looking for high-quality kitchen furniture and modern design, discover more about this Italian kitchen furniture brand.

09 October 2019 27 0

Undoubtedly, those who love modern design and impeccable Italian style, are already familiar with Italian kitchen manufacturer DADA. The company was born in 1926 and initially was just a small carpentry workshop founded by Angelo Garavaglia. This small company grew up and in 1979 became part of the Molteni group and one of the most acclaimed kitchens manufacturers. Innovation, quality and prestigious designs created by Luca Meda make Dada a company of high-end kitchens Made in Italy.

DADA | INDADA modern kitchen furniture | eurooo.com

Get inspired by INDADA kitchen furniture collection by Dada


Indada kitchen collection was created following the guiding principle "the richness of simplicity". The style is pure and informal but it is enriched with a wide range of accessories and details. Particular attention has been paid to the finishes, some of which are made exclusively for Dada.

DADA | TIVALI modern white kitchen furniture | eurooo.com

TIVALI functional kitchen collection by Dada. Discover more!


Tivali is a modern minimalist kitchen collection characterized by great charm and functionality. With sliding doors that disappear into side compartments, once opened, everything is perfectly organized inside. From the bases to the wall units up to the highly scenographic back, fully illuminated with LEDs.

DADA | TRIM minimalist kitchen furniture | eurooo.com

Discover more about TRIM kitchen collection by Dada


Trim is a kitchen collection by Dada that offers rational and functional space organization, in line with the frenetic rhythms of modern life. The innovative equipped storage is the heart of Trim: it is enriched with sliding doors, lighting and integrated power sockets.

DADA | VELA modern kitchen furniture | eurooo.com

VELA kitchen furniture collection by Dada - timeless elegance


Vela is a classic kitchen collection by Dada, revisited by Dante Bonuccelli who redefines its proportions and technical details. The main changes were expressed by the reduction in the thickness of the doors and in the introduction of a new mechanism for opening the panels.

DADA | VVD modern kitchen furniture | eurooo.com

Do you like this modern design? Then discover more about VVD kitchen collection by Dada


VVD is a completely new kitchen collection in which contrasts and alternations dominate. Precious woods and natural stones alternate in a game that creates a unique harmonious effect. An aesthetic made even more unique thanks to the possibility of creating compositions completely suspended from the ground and elegant ceiling cabinets.

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