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The Best Design Tips to Decorate a White Bathroom

White bathroom design may be a challenging task, because it can easily look cold and impersonal. So let's discover together our simple tips to decorate a white bathroom

09 October 2019 11 0

If you're afraid that your white bathroom may lack a bit of style and originality, here you will find some simple tips that will help you decorate a white bathroom without making it cold and impersonal. We want to give you a few ideas to take inspiration from, stealing some style advice from the cold Scandinavian countries, the ones that are able to master minimalism and simplicity, always bringing uniqueness to it.

Roca | EASY white bathtub | eurooo.com

Choose EASY bathtub by Roca


Decorations are vital for any space, but even more so for a white bathroom that seeks a style refresh. But as long as those décor pieces are not too large or are not repeated too much, they can flaunt just about any other colour in the rainbow. Such color pops will stand out without affecting the overall white scheme, ensuring a touch of interest and style. 

IFT | HELP blue and white open shelf | eurooo.com

Add some color to your white bathroom with HELP shelf by IFT


White is the color of well-being, and in fact we find that in northern European countries it is often used, and not only in the bathroom: its power to bring positivity into your life and to reflect light, just like snow does, is exploited in every room of the house. Use the same tint for different materials, alternating lacquer and opaque styles, for a dynamic and elegant environment. A bathroom as white as snow, and as sophisticated as you deserve.

Milldue | SINTESI white bathroom furniture set | eurooo.com

For your total white bathroom choose SINTESI bathroom furniture colletion by Milldue


Are you thinking of renovating your white bathroom? Make sure you choose the tiles before you get started, as that can influence the style of the whole space and of the other elements, like the color palette, countertops and so on. Opt for stylish and modern tiles pattern, that will break the monotony of your monochromatic environment.

Bussoga | FLEXTA bathroom red tiles | eurooo.com

Create a contrast color wall with FLEXTA tiles by Bussoga


Wood is an extremely important element in every Scandinavian home, even in a bathroom all in white like the one we are decorating. We want to see the raw look of wood, so make sure to include some elements that exalt its natural beauty, some wooden details that will make your snow white bathroom unforgettable, and add a warm and welcoming touch to it. 

Il Tempo del | ARMONIA bathroom furniture collection | eurooo.com

ARMONIA bathroom furniture set by Il Tempo del is enriched with some elegant wooden details


You will ask us why the metal. Because in homes and bathrooms of northern European inspiration we don’t find wooden accessories only: metal is also a recurrent component. Metal will be perfect for shelving units, solid enough to accommodate objects of daily necessities. You can also choose pieces of furniture that delicately feature both wood and metal: the contrast will be eye-catching, without stealing the scene.

Roca | LOFT bathroom faucet | eurooo.com

LOFT modern bathroom faucet by Roca. Discover more designs!

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