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The Hotline received 4500 calls a day! This year's Expo will be more attended

The Hotline received 4500 calls a day! This year's Expo will be more attended

05 November 2019 30 0

“Where should professional visitors need to contact the entrance ticket for the Expo?” “How to obtain the documents of overseas professional visitors?” The second session of the Expo will enter the countdown, a 24-hour service hotline built and operated by China Telecom Shanghai. 021-968888" has also become very busy.

Early in the morning, the operator in uniform uniform sat at the station. An operator told reporters that the second session of the Expo was currently in the final sprint stage before the war. The consultation content was also from the previous exhibitors, registration, booth reservation. Wait, go to such things as "When can I pay for a document?" "Can a professional audience sign up to participate in supporting events and forums?"

"In order to do a good job in the service guarantee of the second session of China Expo, China Telecom Shanghai Company has deployed key personnel to form the Jinbo Hotline Operation Team. The entire operation team includes more than 60 people including traffic, technology, quality control, training, reserve echelon reserve, etc. Among them, there are about 45 attendants, three shifts, and 7×24 hours of uninterrupted service.” Sun Donglei, the project leader, said that the hotline staff have passed strict screening and have bilingual skills in both Chinese and English. Some of the attendants have the 962010 Expo hotline and large-scale government affairs. Call management hotline management experience.

968888 also establishes a two-way linkage mechanism with the 12345 citizen service hotline. In order to "can't ask", the hotline has also established a knowledge base that is constantly expanding. “The hotline connection rate has always been above 90%, the timely response rate has remained above 99%, and the satisfaction rate has remained above 96%.”

The second session of the Expo has a greater social focus. Sun Donglei said that from July to October last year, the total number of hotline calls was 49,000. In the same period of this year, it was close to 70,000. The average number of attendants per day was more than 120, and the maximum number of calls per day could reach 4,500. Yu Tong. 968888 relies on cloud call center technology to provide users with integrated information services such as telephone, mobile phone, online customer service, E-mail, SMS, and App. The ratio of telephone answering to online customer service is currently 7:3

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