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3 best Furniture Brands for 2019 – Chi Wing Lo, Cipriani Homood and Classicon

As 2019 is coming to an end, we give 3 best furniture brands that are timeless, high quality and contemporary driven furnishings. The designs are unique and are offered on our website Eurooo. Here are the top European furniture brands.

02 December 2019 146 1

Chi Wing Lo

With Chinese culture rooted deeply and a strong passion for Italian designs, Chi Wing Lo was set out to a journey of creating an international furniture brand that is a pioneer for its classic, timeless pieces with has caught the eye of many worldwide. With each furniture piece, we can see a deep sense of commitment and envisions the furniture to be long-lasting and comfortable. Dimensione Chi Wing Lo Italy has many furniture categories such as chairs, armchairs and sofas, tables, low tables, side tables, desks, cabinets, consoles, beds and bedside tables, lamps and chandeliers and accessories. Take a look at more products on Eurooo.

Dimensione Chi Wing Lo | Oval desk table | Eurooo

The oval desk table - Dimensione Chi Wing Lo

Dimensione Chi Wing Lo | Tora armchair | Eurooo

Tora armchair - Dimensione Chi Wing Lo

Cipriani Homood

Art, vision, and luxury. These are the 3 words that encapsulate what Cipriani Homood furniture is. Cipriani Homood creates furniture that is timeless in design and rich in style. Cipriani believes in creating a special experience, be your living room or dining room space. Cipriani Homood offers a variety in their well-crafted collections such as dragonfly, sestosenso, cocoon, blue moon, eclipse to name a few. They are also into home scents.

Cipriani Homood | Blue moon sofa | Eurooo

Blue moon sofa - Cipriani Homood

Cipriani Homood | Cocoon armchair | Eurooo

Cocoon armchair - Cipriani Homood


Something classic, something contemporary. Classicon furniture is a designer furniture brand. They collaborate with different designers to create their furniture pieces. They believe the only way to know about good furniture is to check its quality. And quality stands the test of time. Classicon’s collaboration has created rugs and carpets, armchairs and stools, bench and chair, desks and lamps, mirror and console, folding screens and much more. Each furniture is unique to its designer and the concept.

Classicon | Tea table | Eurooo

Tea table - Classicon

Classicon | Rocking chair | Eurooo

Rocking chair - Classicon

In Eurooo, these brands have displayed high-quality standards, uniqueness and contemporary with timeless designs.

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