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Tavar – High quality parquet flooring solutions

Today, Tavar parquet collections have both indoor and outdoor parquet flooring. Tavar is known for the highest quality of wood flooring and has become internationally recognized.

10 January 2020 1090 3

Tavar parquet designs are made in Italy and have beautiful wooden flooring solutions. Here are a few parquet floors from Tavar’s parquet collections. They have indoor and outdoor parquet options. I hope you find your perfect parquet design.

Deck Parquet

Deck parquet floor is from the outdoor parquet collection. If you are looking for a sailor or nautical vibe type of flooring, we are sure Deck parquet is a perfect option for you. As the name suggests, Deck parquet is a functional flooring solution and the long broad planks make you feel you are on a ship! Having the Deck parquet installed in the pool or spa area is the ideal look for them.

Tavar | Deck parquet | Eurooo

Deck Parquet by Tavar

Pronto deck Parquet

Pronto deck parquet is an indoor flooring solution. Pronto deck parquet is a marriage between functionality and durability. The Pronto deck parquet is thermo treated at 215 degrees. They are available in 2 sizes to be flexible for installation purposes.

Tavar | Pronto Deck Parquet | Eurooo

 Pronto Deck Parquet by Tavar 

EcoPlank Parquet

EcoPlank is again an indoor flooring solution but brings to your home nature without disrupting the environment. EcoPlank parquet is ideal for large indoor spaces and it has the iconic ‘TavarBlock’ joint that gives it the illusion of a floating floor. It is produced in a single size which is greater than a traditional board that emphasizes the EcoPlank parquet being ideal for large spaces.

Tavar | EcoPlank Parquet | Eurooo

EcoPlank Parquet by Tavar

Tavar wooden parquet uses the highest quality of wood, innovation, and craftsmanship. They have flooring solutions for small, medium and large spaces. They also take up the challenge to install in irregular spaces. With the ‘TavarBlock’ joint, it seems like the floor is floating off the ground!

To check their flooring collection, check out the Tavar brand page.

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