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Traditional and Bohemian lights by Iris Cristal and Lasvit

Iris Cristal lights are traditional and carry a heritage with them but on the other hand, Lasvit lighting has a unique balance of traditional and trendy style. Iris Cristal hails from Spain and Lasvit is a proud Italian lighting brand. Both are traditional and Bohemian; let’s see which one you would prefer…

13 January 2020 183 3

Iris Cristal

Iris Cristal has headquartered itself at the heart of the Bohemian region in the Czech Republic. There, they strive to bring together traditional craftsmanship with innovation which today is recognized worldwide. They are also the suppliers of crystal works to many leading luxury light brands all over the world. Coming back to the traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology, Iris Cristal is able to showcase a new line of products every six months that have a distinctive Iris Cristal style which is recognized by anyone who knows the brand. Over the years, they earned their name and completed many projects globally. Below are some of their stunning lighting solutions.

Iris Cristal | Camelia luxury chandelier | Eurooo

Camelia luxury Chandelier by Iris Cristal

Iris Cristal | Luxury floor lamps | Eurooo

Luxury floor lamps by Iris Cristal

Iris Cristal | Bedroom, living room lighting | Eurooo

Bedroom, living room lighting by Iris Cristal 


Lasvit lighting is another brand that is passionate about the Bohemian style lighting especially in chandeliers. Their glassware and glasswork are all hands blown. Lasvit workshop is where light embraces beauty and is brought to life with breathtaking crystal work. Lasvit does not shy away from exploring contemporary and trendy designs than to just stick to classic chandeliers. Lasvit has a mission to transform glass into breathtaking light and design experiences. Lasvit also has successful collaborations with well-known artists that are showcased in their various collections. Here are a few pieces from Lasvit…

Lasvit | Classic luxury chandelier | Eurooo

Classic luxury chandelier by Lasvit

Lasvit | Clover floor lamp | Eurooo

Clover floor lamp by Lasvit

Lasvit | Hats design pendant lamp | Eurooo

Hats design pendant lamp by Lasvit

The Bohemian glasswork from the Czech Republic has been appreciated by royalties for a few centuries and has been a significant part of royal palaces. Both display a fine taste of luxury, craftsmanship, and royalty.

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