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Just like a Fairy Tale

Just like a Fairy Tale


The earliest candle chandeliers were used by the wealthy in medieval times, this type of chandelier could be moved to different rooms. From the 15th century, more complex forms of chandeliers, based on ring or crown designs, became popular decorative features in palaces and homes of nobility, clergy and merchants. Its high cost made the chandelier a symbol of luxury and status. Chandeliers not only bring light to an event, but also carry an element of drama no matter what shape or size. Their versatility makes them the perfect addition to any event – whether large, small, formal, or informal. When choosing your chandelier, you have to consider the entire decorative scheme of the room. The chandelier will be the focal point, so ensure it complements the other features and is of a size and scale that does not look out of place. It’s important to know the basics of finding the very best chandelier to wow both the clients and guests alike.

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Adam Style - A classical style, light, airy and elegant chandelier – usually English.

Canopy - An inverted shallow dish at the top of a chandelier from which festoons of beads are often suspended, lending a flourish to the top of the fitting.

Victorian Crystal - Glass with a chemical content that gives it special qualities of clarity, resonance and softness, making it especially suitable for cutting.

Corona - Another term for crown-style chandelier


Montgolfière chandelier - Chandelier with shape of "montgolfière", the early French hot air balloon

Waterfall or Wedding Cake - Concentric rings of icicle drops suspended beneath the hoop or plate.

Neoclassical Style chandelier - Glass chandelier featuring many delicate arms, spires and strings of ovals rhomboids or octagons.

Panikadilo - Gothic candelabrum chandelier hung from centres of Orthodox cathedrals' domes.


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