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Poltrona Frau meets Ferrari

Poltrona Frau meets Ferrari

Poltrona Frau meets Ferrari

“Perspective gives depth to things. It is a way of seeing further, of abandoning the narrow logic of passing convenience.

There is the ground line and the vanishing point; the vanishing point pushes us to look further, and further is where it takes us…”


The passion for automotive excellence in an armchair. Poltrona Frau celebrates the 70th anniversary of the legendary sports Car brand from Maranello by redefining the ergonomics of the office chair. The brand's identity, a blend of expert craftsmanship and research, sustainability and co-design, passion and flair. 


The new Poltrona cockpit


A new object that provides the exact translation of a dream into reality. The pilot's seat captures the emotional value, the speed, momentum, and the passion of race. It manages to convey the perception of how rewarding movements and postures are considering the posture, seat, automotive know-how and culture all blend together.

Poltrona Frau has been always a choice for the interiors of Ferrari cars, and now faces a new challenge of extreme complexity. The visual designer from OLO Creative Farm explained the launch was held to merge the identities of the two brands. On the center stage sits a model of the chair, entirely wrapped and animated by images that evoke the passion for speed and craft dimension of the object, through macro materials, traces of the design path and virtual finishes".


Inspired by Flavio Manzoni, the design team launched a 3D structure, an amalgam of aesthetic beauty and ergonomic perfection applied to seats for workspaces.


“Co-branding is one of the growth strategies that we have pursued in recent years, along with a strong push on retail which directly operated on distribution side, helped us through the pillars of Hercules”, says the general manager of the company in Tolentino, Nicola Coropulis.


A formula that works, especially abroad, as evidenced by the fact that, in ten years, has reversed the relationship between the Italian market (which in 2007 was worth 70% of sales) and overseas markets. Even the most distant, when you consider that last year China became the first country to export, surpassing even the United States.

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