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My Top 5 favorite brands from Milan Design Week

Rewiew of 2017 Milan Design Week

My Top 5 favorite brands from Milan Design Week

Salone del Mobile, what a week it had been, however, at the turn of the week, we decided to look back at a fabulous recap, to let you know why it was, definitely, the greatest trade show of the year. My best take aways from the event are brands and great interior designs showcasing new pieces as well as other highlights and unforgettable moments.




Long, chic lounge couches, provocative armchairs and daring lighting designs take an exotic turn when covered in supple reptile print fabric or topped with a pair of silently, seductive gold alligators. Showers of golden butterflies and mesmerizing bouquets of brass flowers are flirtatiously whimsical to the eye. An erotic exoticism only Koket can create.




Baxter presents the restyling of Sheraton Diana Majestic’s spaces, always regarded as one of the most famous and fashionable hotels in Milan. The reception, the lounge and the restaurant are thought up as a real cosmopolitan place, surrounded by the sparkling city life. Black, cobalt blue, cognac and mustard: these colours are the main characters of these spaces. These nuances are heightened and enhanced by the use of materials such as brass or the resins and marbles of the small tables.



Moooi Presents “A Life Extraordinary”. With hospitality in mind they have created an atmosphere of extraordinary attention to detail and invite to have a dramatic impact.




The Flexform MOOD collection operates in an area of classic-contemporary tastes. It is a world with affinities to that of Flexform in terms of quality and elegance, but with more eclectic, multilingual stylist research, capable of inserting codes from the past through a process of simplification.


Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo as known by design lovers for its almost eccentric and eclectic designs that come across as emotional pieces that always leave you inspired and in awe.  Offering everything from Cabinets to lighting, Boca do Lobo is one of the luxurious brands to have for a fully inspired living experience.


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