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Is your bathroom designed that way?

Is your bathroom designed that way?

Pratical Tips: Separating wet and dry zones in a bathroom offers multiple benefits.

The philosophy of “separating wet and dry areas” in a bathroom has gained greater popularity in search for better bathroom experience. Today, we are going to talk about whether separating wet and dry zones is a reasonable bathroom option.



1. Inhibiting bacterial growth 

Separating wet and dry areas allows the space outside the shower area to stay dry and clean. Besides, the residual viruses and bacteria in the toilet will not get onto the surface of towels and other toiletries with the flow of the air, thus stopping the spread of germs and reducing bacterial growth. 



2. Keeping the bathroom clean

Splitting the bathroom into two functional zones – wet and dry, can effectively lower the air humidity by reducing the time that wet air stays in the room. 

This way, the room outside the shower area can stay dry and clean, which helps to keep the whole bathroom neat and tidy.



3. Reducing accidents

Water will accumulate on the floor as it splashes during shower. This might increase the risk of slipping accidents.However, the separation of wet and dry areas can prevent water from accumulating on the floor and thus lower falling risks.



4. Protecting the furnishings

The furnishings in the bathroom tend to be corroded if they are exposed to moisture and humidity for a long time. Wooden furniture, in particular, would absorb a large amount of moisture which causes cracks and peeling.



5. Increasing Space Utilization

For larger families, separating wet and dry areas can greatly increase the utilization and creates more space. Taking a shower does not affect one using the washbasin. Different areas are designated for different purposes and do not crossover each other. 


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