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The Essence of Elegance: Rugiano

The Essence of Elegance: Rugiano

An elegant Italian brand that specializes in handcraft high-quality exclusive modern furniture.

Rugiano is  Rugiano’s impeccable designers, upholsters, metal workers, embroiders and wood furniture makers manufacture Rugiano’s superb high-quality furniture. 

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Rugiano carefully selects its fine materials tha goes into its high-quality furniture pieces, including its bronze, brass, steel, leathers and fabrics. Rugiano offers a large variety of handcraft high-quality pieces including tables, chairs, beds, desks, wardrobes, lighting, mirrors, vases, carpets, fireplaces and much more. Rugiano’s large variety of handcraft high-quality furniture pieces enables projects to be stunningly designed. 


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Eurooo has scouted this superb Italian brand. Rugiano' s eloquent furniture is Made In Italy and enables the development of stunning modern projects.

The utilization of the fine materials in Rugiano' s furniture pieces enables the furniture to be highly comfortable furniture pieces. The shape, form and style of each handcrafted piece is carefully planned out by the famous Rugiano designers and its manufacturing professionals.  


The Rugiano high-quality furniture is comprised of modern sleek shapes which are formed by the delicate handcrafting of the fine bronze, brass, steel, leathers and fabrics that go in to each magnificent Rugiano piece. The Italian brand from Mariano Comense has become one of the leading handcraft high-quality furniture brands on the market because of its exceptional design, manufacturing professionals and careful selection of the finest furniture materials. 

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