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Stunning Wardrobes for your design project

Lanpas, Porro, Fendi Casa and Carpanelli, each offer their own styles and shapes of their luxurious high quality elegant wardrobes.

11 August 2017 133 0

Today, we has scouted a variety of stylish brands that offer high quality, stylish, sophisticated wardrobes. Each of the brands offer their own styles and shapes of their elegant wardrobe pieces.




Lanpas is an exclusive Italian brand that specializes in manufacturing high quality luxury classic furniture. This high quality Italian brand has some of the finest artisans that hand craft their Made In Italy furniture pieces including their high quality luxury wardrobes. Lanpas Made In Italy wardrobes offer intricate detailing and superb finishings. The luxury wardrobes are made out of the highest quality materials in the market.

Lanpas Cathedra_ Bolero e Sinfonie_Armadio Chopin.jpg




Porro is a stylish Italian brand from the town of Montesolaro, in the province of Como in the north of Italy. This modern Italian brand offers a large variety of superb luxurious wardrobes. Fine wood plays a major role in the sleek Porro wardrobes. The careful selection of fine woods enable the development of some of the highest quality wardrobes in the furniture industry. The sleek sharp lines of Porro wardrobes and their handcrafted quality enable sophisticated modern designed wardrobes.

Image 2 - Porro.jpg


Fendi Casa


Fendi Casa is the exclusive furniture brand of the elegant fashion brand Fendi. Fendi Casa furniture is comprised of modern design with retro detailing. Fendi Casa offers a large variety of superb furniture including its wardrobe pieces.


Image 3 - Fendi Casa.jpg

Fendi Casa wardrobes incorporate luxurious materials and artisanal expertise and know-how which have finesse and class. The Fendi Casa wardrobes have a neoclassical design, are highly practical and highly functional which allows for a luxury experience for the Fendi Casa wardrobe customers. Fendi Casa offers its exclusive interior design service which advises and plans design and decorating for exclusive projects including luxurious apartments, villas, hotels, yachts and private jets.




Carpanelli was founded in 1919 and offers classic and contemporary Made In Italy luxury furniture including its wardrobes. The stylish Italian brand offers high quality wardrobes which incorporate fine woods, leathers and fabrics.


Image 4 - Carpanelli.jpg

The high quality artisanal skill of the Carpanelli artisans is an important element of the Carpenelli wardrobes. The expertise of the Carpanelli artisans and the fine materials utilized in the Carpanelli wardrobes have allowed them to become some of the highest quality wardrobes in the industry.


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