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The "living" kitchen

The Italian artisans believe that wood is a "living" thing. Only when it has withstood harsh elements, only then can it stand the test of time.

16 August 2017 234 0

When you use an Italian piece of art, its texture will please you. When you’re not using it, it’s artistic style will stand out, creating an intense sense of space. An important feature of Italian design is the close relationship between artistry, procedure, and philosophy of high quality living. Today Eurooo has selected the most famous kicthen cabinet  brands and of course, you can have any of these brands products made-to-order at Eurooo. 



Composit’s 13,000 square meter workshop is only used to produce kitchenware and each piece of furniture carries their own trademark. Whether it is design material or quality control, Composit attends to each and every sector leading international market.


Composit is minimalistic in design, keeping in pace with times, adept at mixing and matching varied materials, linking up technology and tradition with modernity and futurism. Their traditional materials and craft technology complement each other without losing their individual value and charm.


Cantori is a historical Italian brand, for many years devoting themselves to creating indoor scenery rich in Mediterranean charm. Transmitting coastal Mediterranean culture as their mission, abiding by the design concepts embedded in the culture, thus Cantori reflects this style. Their cupboards are succinct, mild and refined in their style and are primarily white and gold in colors.



Schiffini are extremely particular in their design and workmanship, their most distinguishing feature is their pure aluminum alloy cupboard series produced by renowned Italian designer Vico Magistretti.


As the world’s first pure aluminum alloy kitchen product, it is composed of black or gold electroplate aluminum wire. This makes it a unique cupboard that is water resistant, therefore it can be placed also in a garden.


In addition to Italian brands, European high-end cupboard brand SieMatic is equally outstanding. From simple kitchens to new kitchen styles, as well as custom kitchens and new concept kitchens, SieMatic has progressively transformed the concept of a kitchen, making kitchens cater more to open, broad and personalized styles.



Ozzio presented itself as a powerful productive reality, being able to renovate life styles and the living concept itself, through an offer of functional and logical products of great performances.             


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