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Looking for something new? Meet these stylish and modern brands!

Uncover some of Europe’s highest quality creative furniture that offers a modern flare.

17 August 2017 111 0

Stylish modern furniture can elegantly complete a sophisticated design project. Eurooo has scouted some of the most creative elegant furniture brands that offer high quality modern furniture pieces. These brands each offer their unique design taste and magnificent shapes.




Flexform is a high quality Italian furniture brand that was founded in Brianza, in Northern Italy in the 1960’s that manufactures modern stylish furniture.



The stylish Flexform brand offers modern sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, cabinets and much more. Each Flexform furniture piece is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. This fine Italian furniture brand offers luxurious pieces which utilize the highest quality materials on the furniture market which are excellently crafted by skilled artisans.



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Flexform’s furniture includes only the best materials including leathers, fabrics, woods and metals for their Made In Italy luxurious furniture. Each Flexform designer brings their own class to the brand which enables Flexform to offer a variety of furniture pieces.




Jesse is a modern Italian brand that specializes in the manufacturing of minimal furnishing systems and accessories. The stylistic and typological variety of Jesse furniture enables a large product range that offers fine furnishing systems and accessories.


This contemporary innovative modern brand offers high quality furniture for the living room, dining room, bedroom including wardrobe and office.


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The sleek design of Jesse furniture is of the finest in the furniture industry. Jesse furniture has become an important Italian brand because it collaborates with highly influential furniture designers and only utilizes the finest materials, including woods, leathers and fabrics in its modern minimal furniture. Jesse elegant furniture is versatile, practical and highly functional.



Hulsta is a sleek modern German furniture brand that places a large importance on its quality. Each piece of Hulsta furniture is manufactured by utilizing artisanal skill and technologically advanced machinery. Hulsta provides versatile combinations of its luxury furniture pieces in a variety of surfaces, shapes and sizes. The brands innovation and design service are key elements which has led to the luxury brands development.



Hulsta offers innovative living room, dining room, bedroom, sleeping systems and hallway furniture.


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Magis is a playful, creative, edgy furniture brand that offers superb modern furniture pieces. This fun Italian brand manufactures avant-guard, colorful, eccentric furniture that are magnificently designed.



The large range of eclectic Magis furniture includes low chairs, chaise lounges, sofas, chairs, armchairs, tables, low tables, coat stands, coat hangers, umbrella stands, step-ladders, shelving systems and much more. Magis is a humorous brand that provides exciting fine quality furniture pieces made from innovative technology.



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