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Welcome to the future - The innovative lighting brand Slamp

Innovative decorative lighting brand that offers its detailed elegant lamps in a variety of patented high quality materials.

18 August 2017 318 0

Slamp is a technologically advanced decorative lighting brand that offers high quality design lamps. This high quality Italian decorative lighting brand was founded in 1994 and created to add something new in the Italian design industry.



Slamp offers high quality creative lamps which utilize cutting-edge technology and are artisanally designed to meet the excellence of industrial production. This stylish Italian brand has patented and exhaustive amount of innovative materials. The sophisticated high quality patented materials are unique and are easily recognizable. Slamp is quite a young Italian company but has become one of the leading, representative brand names in the decorative lighting industry because of its innovativeness.



It’s pieces are highly sought after, original, exclusive objects which utilize the finest, technologically advanced Slamp materials. The Slamp team is comprised of some of the greatest international designers such as Mendini, Cibic and Dalisi and creative stylish young designers that each bring their own unique skills to the decorative lighting brand.



Slamp’s passion has enabled it to produce an exhaustive amount of innovative patented materials. One of Slamp’s most famous patented materials is Opalflex which is a recyclable exclusive material. Opalflex is a blend of technopolymers and glass crystals which enables the glass a superb brightness. Colour shades are applied to the Opalflex glass which give it a magnificent effect. Another patented material by Slamp is its sophisticated Cristalflex material which is a transparent material that is bright and transparent like glass but lightweight and highly durable. This material allows for the detailed shapes of Slamp’s lightweight, finely designed, modern lamps. Slamps huge effort in research and development has allowed the brand to produce innovative materials that influence the design of its sophisticated, cutting-edge lamps.


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