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Andersen - Timeless Since 1916

Andersen - Timeless Since 1916

Exceptional furniture comes from the heart. With history, passion and a love of great craftsmanship.

Andersen is a stunning modern furniture brand from Sweden that offers superb comfortable creative furniture. Andersen offers a total of 5 modern stunning collections which include Andersen tables, chairs, storage, couches/poufs and accessories/unique furniture pieces.



The exquisite Andersen table collection includes dining tables, coffee tables, high tables, folding tables and work tables and its chair collection is comprised of the reknown modernly designed TAC chair which is The Andersen Chair, the forum chair, the AC2 chair and the HC1 high chair.


Andersen AC2 and the forum chair



Andersen has become an important modern home furniture brand over many years because of the use of its simple lines, bold colours and high end materials in the development of its elegant Swedish furniture pieces. The design talent that develops Andersen furniture and the exquisite manufacturing skill enabled the development of the high end Andersen furniture. 


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