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Luxury Fashion Brands Home Collections

Luxury Fashion Brands Home Collections

Top luxury fashion brands producing high quality home collections that can be integrated into your home.

Luxury fashion brands are designing and development exquisite and stunning home collections. Their expertise in design, taste and material usage is applied from exclusive fashion pieces to furniture.

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Each luxury fashion brand that is creating home collections provides their own unique sophisticated stylish collection. The collections offer a variety of high quality stunning furniture pieces for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and the garden. Eurooo has scouted some of the top luxury fashion brands producing high quality home collections that can be integrated into your home.


Armani Casa


The exclusive fashion brand Armani has developed it’s stylish furniture brand Armani Casa. The home collection by Armani Casa is made up of elegant, sleek and sophisticated home furniture, décor and accessories. Armani Casa offers modern, ultra-luxurious Italian furniture, lighting, rugs, decorations, gifts, table accessories, textiles, fabrics and wallcoverings in a variety of sleek styles.



Armani Casa is a leader in the home collection sector and provides a complete interior design service to its clients, including its personal clients, property developers, architects and interior designers. It’s interior design service assists its clients from the conceptual stage to developing the project. The interior design service offered by Armani Casa is under the artistic director of Giorgio Armani and provides each of its clients superb features and aesthetic values.


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Bentley Home


The luxurious Bentley Motors has developed its own home collection furniture brand called Bentley Home furniture. This magnificent brand designs and develops home collection furniture and homeware that utilizes skilled artisanship and material selection of the high quality Bentley Motors car interiors.

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Bentley Home offers a range of sophisticated collections including its Richmond collection including its luxurious line of seating, Madeley and Kendal tables and Kendal chairs, Sherbourne and Kingsbridge tall and short cabinets, Harlow modern coffee table and its Canterbury bed and headboard.

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Fendi Casa


Fendi Casa is the stylish and elegant furniture brand of the fashion brand Fendi. Fendi Casa offers its luxurious home collection furniture that is of the utmost elegance. It’s home collection comprises a sleek modern design with superb retro detailing. Fendi Casa’s home collection offers a variety of luxurious tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas and beds.


Fendi Casa’s home collection utilizes fine materials and high level artisanal expertise and know-how. Fendi Casa’s home collection is made up of five collection, including Contemporary, Live, Dine, Sleep and Relax.


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These sophisticated collections are ideal elegant collections made up of luxury tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas and beds. The Fendi Casa exclusive furniture incorporates superb detail and quality craftsmanship. The Fendi Casa home collection incorporates a neoclassical design, practicality and functionality which provides the utilmate luxury experience for its clients. The brand offers its exclusive interior design service to its clients offers its elite interior design service for projects including luxury apartments, villas, hotels, yachts and private jets.



Hermes is one of the highest quality fashion brands on the market. This elegant French brand offers its impeccable home collection comprised of luxurious lighting, wallpaper, bath linens, bed linens, blankets & pillows, tables, coffee tables, chairs, couches, sofas, benches, chests, mirrors, chaise lounges, stools, console, desks and more.


Hermes’s stunning design is represented in each of its luxurious French home collection pieces. Hermes is one of only a small amount of luxury fashion brands that have produced high end, impeccably designed, creative furniture. Hermes is a brand for the customer who appreciates up to date trends, superb design and luxurious French home collection pieces.

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The luxury fashion brands described in this article offer high quality sophisticated home collections that each offer their own style, taste and elegance. 

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