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Sleek, chic furniture by Erba Italia

Sleek, chic furniture by Erba Italia

Not just a trend but a true style

Erba Italia is a modern Italian furniture brand that is a leader in the furniture market for sleek, stylish designed furniture. This Made in Italy brand is a fine example of how sensational designers, fantastic artisans and high quality materials enable the development of top furniture pieces.



Erba Italia’s experienced designers are leading furniture industry designers that develop practical and comfortable furniture for Erba Italia which expresses finesse and class. The designers each bring their own skillsets designing the Erba Italia furniture which has allowed the brand to offer a large amount of fine furniture that incorporate varied colours, textures and materials.

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The skilled artisans which handcraft Erba Italia’s furniture have years of know-how which has allowed them to produce the fine Era Italia furniture. Erba Italia prides itself on its artisanal craftsmanship and is a key element of the Italian brand.


The high quality materials that are utilized to make the modern, sleek furniture manufactured by Erba Italia are carefully chosen by the Erba Italia designers. The artisans then craft and mould the high quality materials to make the most of the materials. The materials utilized to construct the sophisticated Erba Italian furniture include fine woods, marbles, metals, leathers and fabrics.


The large variety of furniture pieces offered by the stylish modern brand include chaise lounges, sofas, armchairs, sofa beds, lamps, poufs, mirrors, carpets and tables.

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It’s renown sofa designs have become iconic pieces of Italian furniture. Each of the sofas manufactured by the Erba Italia brand has its own expression. Examples of superb sofas by Erba Italia includes the sleek Altoborgo sofa, the curved Attimo sofa and the refined Indizio sofa.


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The sleek brands large amount of sophisticated furniture collections each offers its own design style that can be utilized to create fine, high quality, innovative projects.


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