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Decorative Accent Furniture to get inspired by

Add color, definition and drama to a room to make the room more exciting.

31 August 2017 80 0

The term accent is a very interesting term as it comes from the meaning of the word accent which means stress or to have an emphasis. Accent furniture is furniture that boldly stands out within a room and that has great decorative value. A piece of accent furniture draws the eye in and creates excitement in a room. 



Arper is a great example of a luxury European furniture brand that manufactures modern bold creative tables that can be used as accent pieces.  The Arper designers each have their own unique design flare that makes Arper tables intriguing and creative pieces.




Click here to find out more about Arper tables. 


A stunning luxury European furniture brand for sofas to be used as accent pieces is Cappellini. Cappellini is an Italian luxury brand that offers modern, creative and fun furniture that elegantly stands out.



The innovative Cappellini pieces are developed by its talented designers and its cutting-edge technology. The heavy emphasis on research and development has allowed Cappellini to make high quality innovative furniture that stands out which attract attention. 


Click here to find out more about Cappellini sofas. 


A stunning luxury European brand scouted by Eurooo that manufactures creative pieces that is great for accent pieces is Knoll. This important brand has been producing bold decorative pieces for many years and is a very influential design brand. This leading brand offers magnificent creative furniture in a large variety of textures and bold colors that makes for superb bold pieces.




Click here to find out more about Knoll. 

Accent pieces are pieces that can make a room superb and selecting the correct pieces is very important. When selecting effective accent furniture select pieces that add color, definition and drama to the room and that stands out. 

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