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Let Your Home Feel The Classic Styles By AMCLASSIC !!

Classic furniture never goes out of style and for that very sole reason, AMCLASSIC is here to provide you not with just good classic furniture but with great classic furniture. Have a home that is more than ordinary, a home that has it all from the ceiling to the floor portraying extraordinary.

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There is this saying “there’s more than that meets the eye”, well they surely were talking about the one and only AMClassic creations. AMClassic Styles that goes beyond just what’s in front of you. A brand that gives it a classic touch and provides a classic vibe for your home is what AMClassic stands for. Experience history through classic furniture by stepping into the world of AMClassic creations.

Living room chair, coffee table, and sideLiving room chair, coffee table, and side 

The brand was founded in 1962 by the skilled artisanal woodworker Armando Ferreira da Silva and has become a leader in Italian artisanal furniture. Filled with history and passion, AMclassic has been presenting classical furniture collections and has nailed it by providing the best of the best in the furniture industry.  Inspired by neoclassical furniture styles, it combines both antique crafting techniques and the latest technology, blending elegance and artistry.

MAJESTIC GOLD classic double bedMAJESTIC GOLD classic double bed 

AMClassic is an artisanal furniture company from Italy and is made up of luxury bedroom furniture, young person furniture, complements, compositions, dining room furniture, and kitchens. The luxury furniture brand develops high-end furniture that offers an array of styles, shapes, and colors in its three exclusive furniture collections. AMClassic is for the customer who appreciates high end luxurious Italian furniture. A regal atmosphere emerges from the creation of delicate, handmade and beautifully carved pieces.

Living room display cabinetLiving room display cabinet 

The brand's furniture is offered in 3 segments AM Classic, AM Premium and AM Urban that each offer unique Italian furniture pieces. The AM Premium collection is comprised of sophisticated office furniture, bedroom furniture, complements and dining room furniture. The AM Urban collection encompasses stylish bedroom furniture, complements, office and dining room furniture. AMClassic offers a high-quality service of tailor-made artisanal luxury furniture pieces.

image.png Bookcase 

AMclassic’s products reflect the experience of skilled artisans and the creativity of experienced designers. Our pieces depict floral or natural motifs, engraved using traditional carving techniques. They are delicate, elegant and eclectic, displaying a clearly neoclassical influence through curved lines and distinct silhouettes. A unique design and a versatile color palette account for the creation of unforgettable and timeless ambiances that can be found in the most luxurious homes, either with purely classic forms or as a fusion of different styles and decor.

Living room sofa and tea tableLiving room sofa and tea table 

So Whenever you think of royalty, nobleness and Period furniture, think of AMclassic. Experience history through classic furniture by clicking here and be one step close to amazing classic dream home come true. Also, visit us at Eurooo.com for more details.


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