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Modern Designing brands to fresh your home

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08 September 2017 117 0



Meridiani debuts a new collection that blends influences from the past and a contemporary vision. Elegant and timeless products consistent with the previous collections, designed to be coordinated and true to the lifestyle of the brand, yet open to new influences and personal interpretations.



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Work only with the most absolutely exclusive products, made to be recognized and handed down, manufactured with a view  to protecting the environment. Valued and sought after by the best international furniture and style magazines.


The artisanal characteristics of our production, in case, allow to customize the products onto the specific wishes of the Client, in terms of finishes, dimensions or functions.


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A production that encountered design very early on from a half a century, feeling itself from traditional forms to arrve at more modern lines; Busnelli contributed therefore to the birth and affirmation of the Italian design. 


divano-stardust-busnelli (1).jpg

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Lema sofas stand out in terms of large and soft shapes, ensuring utmost comfort perfectly in tune with the spirit of Lema Casa: cosiness and conviviality, relax and warmth describe the brand perfectly.


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