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Discover artistic, fashionable wallpaper for your design project

Discover artistic, fashionable wallpaper for your design project

High quality wallpaper can offer an artistic style to a design project. Inkiostro Bianco, Elitis & Agena are three of Europe’s top wallpaper brands that offer splendid, creative pieces.

Wallpaper is a stylish product when creating a high quality design project. There are hundreds of design styles of wallpapers developed by luxury European brands and each of them offers their own elegant style of wallpaper. Eurooo has scouted three of the top European brands that produce wallpaper that can stylishly be integrated into a design project.


Inkiostro Bianco


Inkiostro Bianco is a creative Italian brand that manufactures superb wallpapers. It specializes in producing surfaces as well as artistic and customizable decorations.



The sophisticated decorations by Inkiostro Bianco expresses a bold style and gives shape to the material of the wallpaper. The artists and designers of Inkiostro Bianco get inspiration for their high quality pieces from a variety of sectors including fashion, art, design, architecture and much more which is evident in their pieces.



Inkiostro Bianco offers products for the floor, wall, ceiling and pieces of furniture. Each project developed by Inkiostro Bianco is an experiment that is carried out with a high proficiency. This stylish Italian brand has become a leader in this industry because it takes extreme care for details.



Inkiostro Bianco offers more than 400 graphic designs that are able to be printed on high quality vinyl wallpaper, EQ Dekor which is a glass fiber that can be utilized for bathrooms, kitchens and floorings and also on the material of canvas. The elaborate and innovative Inkiostro Bianco products can enable the development of fresh, luxurious design projects.



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Elitis is a stylish French brand that offers sophisticated colorful wallpapers, wallcoverings, tiles, fabrics, accessories and furniture. These products by Elitis are offered in a large variety of superb bold colors, materials and styles. 


An important element in the Elitis products is the material quality that goes into its pieces, which is one of the highest in the industry. The variety of the Elitis products’ designs enable the development of many types of design projects, from formal to highly creative.



The talented Elitis designers design and develop the wallpapers, wallcovering, tiles, fabrics accessories and furniture and each of them brings their own expertise to the pieces. The designers implement their own flare when conducting design projects for example on stylish restaurants, hotels and residences.


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Agena is an Italian brand that specialzies in the production of wallpapers, fabrics and rugs. This luxury brand manufactures luxurious, innovative and creative pieces that are some of the highest quality in the industry.



The wallpapers collections is comprised of a variety of magnificent designs including the Deco Chic collection, Folk Chick collection and much more. Agena’s fabrics collection incorporates traditional raw materials as well as the most technologically advanced yarns on the market.


Materials included in the Agena pieces include Soft cotton, high quality silk and yarns of technologically advanced yarns such as the Trevira yarn. The rug collection offered by Agena includes a large array of stylish, high quality ultra comfortable rugs designed by Agena’s talented designers.



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Inkiostro Bianco, Elitis and Agena are some of the top European brands that manufacture high quality wallpaper pieces that can be integrated into sophisticated design projects. 

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