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Bodema offers sleek, creative collections of high quality Italian furniture

Bodema offers sleek, creative collections of high quality Italian furniture

Bodema’s collections of superb furniture can enable a stylish atmosphere for a design project. Discover Bodema’s sophisticated sofas, armchairs, folding pieces, coffee tables and rugs.

Bodema is a family run business from Meda in the north of Italy, an area reknown for luxurious impeccable furniture. The Bodema brand has become an important Italian brand due to its superbly designed furniture and fine materials. This stylish brand offers its magnificent modern collections of sofas, armchairs, folding pieces, coffee tables and rugs.

bodema living room collection.jpg


Bodema has become a leading modern Italian furniture brand. An important element in the brands success has been its first class set of designers which is comprised of highly skilled designers that creatively design the modern, sleek pieces.

bodema wool rug.jpg

Bodema wool rug

The sofas collection offered by Bodema includes stylish and sophisticated sofas for example its luxurious Shanghai sofa which is a sleek designed sofa by Giuseppe Manzoni and the PQuadro sofa designed by Design Studio Res and is made up of classy, bold lines.

bodema shanghai sofa.jpg

Bodema Shanghai Collection 

The armchairs collection offered by Bodema is made up of creative armchairs including the Kim armchair designed by Giuseppe Manzoni, which utilizes offers an intriguing effect by the use of its high quality material, its Havana Small armchair which is made up of smooth, curved lines and the Marilyn chair which incorporates its sleek chair and bold armrests.

bodema armchair.jpg


Bodema’s stylish folding collection offers a large variety of magnificent folding sofas including its Bedford folding sofa, designed by Giuseppe Manzoni, its Regal folding sofa and its Joao folding sofa.

bodema folding sofa.jpg


Bodema’s coffee tables and rugs are made up of modern creative pieces such as its Biped coffee table which incorporates simple lines that allow the piece to have a large amount of finesse.

bodema coffee table.jpg

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