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Italian Unique design lamps by FERROLUCE.

Ferroluce company, specialized in the production of unique design lamps, was born in 1982 as a result of the determination of valter and miriam, who wanted to preserve and transmit the italian craftsmanship excellency.

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The products are the result of the love and respect for the tradition and the materials: simplicity, antique values, the flavor of a passed time which still belongs to us and which we wish to perpetuate by recreating a unique atmosphere of style and elegance in every home.

The production is performed exclusively in italy and each item is a union of the harmony of shapes and the constant research of new chromatic alchemies; each item is distinguished from the monotony of products made in series with its own unique personality. This is why ferroluce caters to the most demanding clients who are not only looking for the right solution regarding classical furnishing, but above all want to find a company which is competent and able to personalize every item in its form, size, decorations, and colors.

Ferroluce | C1183 AP, SIENA COLLECTION wall lamp | EuroooC1183 AP, SIENA COLLECTION wall lamp

Siena wall lamp is blurred sandblasted glass gives the lamps of the Siena line a delicate lightness that compensates for the richness of the handcrafted ceramic roses and leafy branches in metal.‎ To dot spaces with a light that has the rigorous strength of nature.‎

Ferroluce | C1205/5 LA, PISA COLLECTION chandelier | EuroooC1205/5 LA, PISA COLLECTION chandelier

Pisa chandelier is a collection of delicate roses in fine hand painted ceramic bloom metalic stems speckled with gentle leaves. It is a line that recalls the classic florentine style, as it combines different typical italian craftsmanship processes and it offers a special touch to the most romantic rooms. 

Ferroluce | C1126 BL, MILANO COLLECTION chandelier | Eurooo                                                          C1126 BL, MILANO COLLECTION chandelier

Milano chandelier is emerged from antique flavor line lamps, wise combination of bronze metal and colours of the hand painted ceramics brings joy to one's home. This chandelier is inspired from ancient milano city connected to the rice fields that surround the city. 

Ferroluce | C1286 AP/PL, LECCO COLLECTION ceiling lamp | Eurooo                                                             C1286 AP/PL, LECCO COLLECTION ceiling lamp

Lecco ceiling lamp is created by the skilful hands of the artist Licia Martelli, the Lecco line is characterized by extraordinary ceramic roses.‎ Every single element, entirely handmade, is unique and inimitable.‎

Ferroluce | C1296 BL, LECCO COLLECTION chandelier | Eurooo                                                                   C1296 BL, LECCO COLLECTION chandelier

Lecco chandelier is a one of the ancient styled chandelier created by skilful hands artists of Ferroluce. Every single element is entirely handmade and it is unique and impeccably designed by Ferroluce. 

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