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Luxurious Kitchen Solutions

Luxurious Kitchen Solutions

Unique and innovative kitchen solutions offered by Italian kitchen designers

When it comes to any Italian home, the kitchen is at the heart, hence it is no surprise that Italian kitchen designers have emerged to offer some of the most unique and innovative kitchen solutions. Discover some the best solutions, each offering unique and functional design and finishings while embracing fine Italian taste and beauty.


Lapitec encompasses the finesse of Italian style while offering a unique and innovative solutions to kitchen countertops. Lapitec products are made of sintered stone which is created by bonding ceramic materials under extreme heat and pressure and results in an extremely durable and functional product. The production technology results in a product that can stand against time and all the workings of your kitchen; resistant to scratches, acidic substances and sudden heat. The colour choices in Lapitec collections draws on earthy and natural tones which means one can tailor them to suit your own style and look, from traditional or rustic- looking kitchens to modern and slick.   

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Elam kitchen system has developed a historical Italian brand since 1954. Through time it has continuously achieved customized offerings to every customer taste and style. Elam collections consider particular research and design and display attentive attention to detail. Since it’s founding, Elam kitchen solutions has been able to take the traditional grounding and transform any space into the peak of modern design, offering versatile spaces, rich in sleek lines and clean finishes. Elam allows you to customize patterns, changing dimensions of the structure and panels to create your own unique kithchen cupboards. Elam kitchen solutions use an array of materials from natural wood to laminates, stainless steel and marble, providing endless interpretations and possibilities for a unique and distinctive kitchen cupboards.

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Since Miton Cuine’s establishment in 1960’s, founder Giuseppe Arangiaro has been able to pass on the true essence of Italian passion for quality and creativity through time. Miton Cucine offers a unique range of modular kitchens from classic, to unique and luxury. All collections offer maximum versatility and customization while encompassing key design elements of movement, light and space. Each kitchen solution offers a wide spectrum of colour and finish configurations to meet every taste and style, from matt, gloss, wood and glass features.

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Stosa kitchen provides offers unique modular kitchen’s offering a unique solution to every kitchen need. Each collection and design symbolizes quintessential Italian design sensibilities of excellent taste and innovation. Stosa offers three unique collections: classic, modern, and contemporary. All kitchen collections and designs offer full finishes and sought after decorative details, available in timeless colours of ivory, silver and white with variants of gold, lacquered shades and woods. The collections are functional kitchen solutions while the designs are elegant and sophisticated.

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Founded in 1971, Spanish tile producer Pamesa started out by manufacturing ceramic floor tiles using tunnel kilns. In 1987, Pamesa became the first manufacturer to introduce porcelain tiles in Spain, since then they have continued to innovate and produce premium tiles. They offer high quality designs, and collections which stand out for their innovative and avant- garde designs. Pamesa tiles have a luxurious appeal, available in a variety of colours from classic muted to modern and bright as well as a variation of finishes from smooth to ridge, allowing you to create any room special and unique.

Image 5 - Pamesa.png


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Ceramic kitchen tiles can transform any kitchen space, Pamesa tile provide a luxurious finish enhancing the rooms attraction and being able to adapt it to suit every need and space. Pamesea kitchen tiles provide resistant, functional and easily maintainable solution to any kitchen. The Pamesa ceramic collection are versatile and express excellence in ceramic design, in line with all of today’s top décor and interior design trends. 

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