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Classical Furniture For Ages

The top brands which craftsman classical european furniture

18 September 2017 375 0

In recent years, European antique furniture staged a comeback. Such a phenomenon has aroused attention among experienced collectors across the country.  Circulation of European antique furniture in the market is still greatly limited. With an increasing awareness of the value in European antique furniture, the number of people engaged in collecting European antique furniture has also seen a rise. Purchasers collect the furniture in their houses purely out of their preference for western culture and art.


Also, there are some well-paid consumers purchasing the European antique furniture for its decorative or investment value rather than historical, cultural or artistic value.  Here, Eurooo have collected some brands of collectable European antique furniture for your purchase as furniture or investment.

Citterio Fratelli

Being a historical brand for 130 years, Citterio has been and always will be stunning and bright in every prosperous age, depicting its immortal soul with classic culture. Citterio Fratelli still produces its furniture with nearly-lost handicrafts and nearly all socialites and nobles will fall for its perfection and taste.

citterio fratelli.jpg

Entering the furniture world of Citterio Fratelli, it is as if you are standing in a palace or castle that only exists in ancient Europe, surrounded by an atmosphere of classic luxury and regal magnanimity. The antique furniture here expresses both dignity and romance. Each and every Citterio Fratelli piece is favorable for all celebrities. Moreover, products of Citterio Fratelli can be found in embassies, star hotels and villas of celebrities or politicians. All these have witnessed 130-year glorious development of Citterio Fratelli in the field of luxury furniture. Citterio Fratelli established an immortal furniture empire in Italy. Having experienced ups and downs of fashion, it still stands at the top and makes its own legend.

citterio fratelli mobili.jpg


In 1948, MOZZO brothers, the founder of Giorgiocasa, created the first piece of Giorgiocasa furniture with their artistic talents. Giorgiocasa has become a symbol of elegance and luxury in Italy. Even one piece of luxury Giorgiocasa furniture can make your house shine. Giorgiocasa has absorbed the vintage style, a treasure of art and craftsmanship, from the traditional Italian-made products.

Giorgiocasa collection.jpg

Noted for its solid wood furniture, Italian Giorgiocasa has evolved through three generations, carefully selecting fine wood, applying Italian unique literary aesthetics and paying close attention to detail to create purely hand-made furniture. Therefore, every new product has fully demonstrated Giorgiocasa’s delicate aesthetics and passion for innovation. Moreover, each piece of furniture is assembled with the world's top hardware accessories, making Giorgiocasa a great hit among European royals and elites.

giorgiocasa 1.jpg


Provasi is originated in Cabiate, a key furniture town in the northern Italy in late eighteenth to early nineteenth century and has become a leading brand in Italian classic furniture industry. It upholds classic courtly style and uses precious raw materials to produce tables and bedroom furniture with pure handicrafts.

Provasi furniture.jpg

PROVASI furniture combines the elegance of British style with classic gorgeousness of the French court of 18th to 19th century. All PROVASI furniture, from living room to bedroom and from wall decorations to accessories, takes on a warm and elegant home scene and creates a classic atmosphere. 

Provasi sofa.jpg


Since 1961, Silik has always kept its classical and gorgeous style. Smart craftsmen have integrated modern design elements into their skilled crafts based on their rich experience, making interior charming again. 

silik collection.jpg

As an international top furniture brand, Silik features excellent quality, unique Baroque style, constant innovation and distinct dignity. Entering the furniture world of Silik, every piece of dazzling shining luxury furniture makes you feel like to be in an Italian palace back in the Renaissance.

silik bedroom collection.jpg


Formitalia is a well-known Italian high-end furniture brand,leading the fashion trend ever since its debut into the international market in 1968. The humble luxury is mostly expressed by the exclusive valuable fabrics with a comfortable touch. 

formitalia luxury furniture.jpg

Its sofas and furniture feature unique and novel designs and luxury accessories such as pure silk, porcelain, silver or specific leather and cloth, taking a leading position in the fashion world.


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