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Modern chairs to match every decor

A chair with simple lines and neat design is the smartest choice to create a cohesive but eclectic living environment.

20 September 2017 240 0

A chair can truly make the difference in the style of a room, turning a simple ambient into a classy enviromnent. Italian design is well known all over the world for its versatile style and constant attention to quality; these are the key points to keep in mind when choosing the right seating piece of furniture.



Lapalma is an Italian furnishing company born in the Eighties from the passion of the Mercato brothers, from Padua. The strong personality of the Lapalma design goes along with the attention to the sustainability of the quality materials. Lapalma’s seating pieces have an eye-catching appeal, thanks to the careful choice of color palettes, fabrics, leathers, paddings combined with wood and metal for the structure. 


Right from the start, the Lapalma brand was aimed to the future, in order to create modern products maintaining the strength of the Italian tradition in furniture. A great variety but always with coherence: Lapalma creates modern shapes and sober lines in its design, with the distinguished Italian elegance. The chairs that will bring comfort with a touch of the unique Laplama style to your furniture. 


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Kastel, one of the major Italian brands that specialize in chairs and seating, creates products combining comfort with a charming design. With a mission as clear as the lines of their chairs, Kastel aims to furnish people’s homes and offices with seating pieces that can match any décor and add personality and appeal to it. 


Smooth lines, high quality materials, innovative shapes: these are the main features of these fine Italian brand. This design company from Treviso also puts high attention into making seats and chairs as comfortable as they can be, with the aid of the latest research in ergonomic materials and shapes. These luxury pieces of furniture include articles like executive armchairs, task chairs, lounges, sofas and chairs. The combination sofa you can see below is just one example of the unique style of the Kastel luxury design.


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