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Valderamboili: Classic to Contemporary Luxury

Valderamboili: Classic to Contemporary Luxury

Since founding in 1976, Valderamobili offers prestigious furtinure to complete any luxury home.

Valderamobili offers prestigious furtinure to complete any luxury home. Since Valderamobili’s founding in 1976 they have managed to maintain the uttermost craftsmanship at every stage of the production. The luxurious materials selected are the finest in the market and transformed into exquisite handmade furniture. The pursuit of excellence and fine design in evident in all their furniture collections. Valderamobili is a luxury Italian furniture company that works closely with their customers to produce only the best classically designed furniture.

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Valderamobili maintains the highest quality Italian craftsmanship through the decades, and even today the production and design drawn on centuries of age-old skills to produce beautiful and unique pieces of classical wooden furniture. Valderamobili produces furniture to fit out an entire home, from beds to cabinets or consoles to the dining room. Styles and designs are influenced from the elegance of the Renaisance period or the gold flacked grace of the Baroque era.

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Valderamobili offers classic and contemporary collections with a range of different finishings and colour schemes to suit any taste. However smoothness and sophistication are the defining elements of all Valderamobili collections and pieces.  The classical luxury furniture includes opulent furniture. The traditional sofa collection comes in sopulent designs, using emperial velvet textiles and studded designs.



The contemporary collection incorporates a modern look of simpler finishes and designs while still maintaining a high level of elegance and finesse. The luxurious element is evident throughout all their collections.



Each piece of furniture produced is a true work of art which has consistently focused through time on the care and detail of each classically designed furniture. Each piece is exquisitely hand carved by artisans who have mastered the Italian craftwork and passed it on with rigour through generations. The luxurious Italian designed furniture pieces are adorned with exquisite fabrics such as velvet and silks and can be embellished with silver or gold leaf. 


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