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Classy furniture at full speed with Lamborghini and Aston Martin

Classy furniture at full speed with Lamborghini and Aston Martin

The luxury car brands Lamborghini and Aston Martin bring high speed into home decor design.

The name Lamborghini is well known all over the world for the car brand that over the past decades have created vehicles that combine technology and timeless elegance. Tonino, heir of the Lamborghini house, instilled the same philosophy in the furniture design house he founded in 1981.

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Innovation and tradition meet halfway in the Lamborghini home decor line. Precious woods make the chairs and desks elegant, the modern design makes them classy and contemporary. The fine leathers of the sofas provide comfort and style. Lamborghini home furniture is as timeless as the cars that brought fame to the name.

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Aston Martin, the British luxury sport car company, created a furniture line meant for those who want to give to their home interiors a high speed classy style. The Aston Martin Home collection is designed in collaboration with Formitalia Luxury Group.


The made-in-Italy Aston Martin interior line includes office supplies, sofas and armchairs, tables and seats. New materials like carbon fiber are incorporated in woods, steel, fine leathers and soft fabrics, to create furniture pieces that express the classic Aston Martin aesthetic. Comfort is guaranteed by the ergonomic shapes of the couches and seats, appeal is ensured by the bold design.


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