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Alf Da Fre: Italian design between craftsmanship and modernity

Alf Da Fre: Italian design between craftsmanship and modernity

The Alf Da Fre Group, starting from humble origins, has been able to become one of the most prestigious home furniture brands in the world, thanks to hard work and spirit of innovation.

The history of Alf Group started in the Fifties, when a group of northern Italian artisans formed a wood working cooperative. The goal of those skilled men was to design and make fine and polished wooden objects, combining their amazing craftsmanship abilities. The Piovesana brothers quickly turned it into a modern and successful business.

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Growing and becoming an industrial brand, Alf Da Fre never betrayed the craftsmanship values that were its main feature from the beginning. Alf Da Fre wants to provide a tailored designed, thought specifically for each customer, in order to provide unique quality furniture. 


A family company to make furniture for families: that is Alf Group’s motto. Bedroom and living room furniture that tell a story about Italian craftsmanship values, about fine design taste and trust for the brand.


The beauty and functionality of the Alf Da Fre design blooms in the stylish bed pieces and the original chairs. The manufacturing skills are unmistakable looking at the elegant wooden display cabinets, the neat lockers, the classy tables.


Alf Da Fre aims to design interior furniture that can encounter any culture’s taste, keeping in mind the different way of life many countries. Alf’s products can enter bedrooms and living rooms of houses from all over the world, exporting the Made in Italy style.


The palette of colors stays in the pastels range, opaque tints flatter the modern and innovative design and emphasize the quality of the materials. The design ideas start from those materials: the feedstock leads the line of the object and speaks to the designer’s hand, so that the final product is harmonious and appealing.


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