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Itlas wood floors: nature at your feet

Itlas wood floors: nature at your feet

The Italian company Itlas will bring the warmth and the elegance of a parquet floor into your home, without forgetting about the environment.

A healthy living environment not only has to be beautiful and comfortable, but also has to bring harmony to the people who live in it. In such a chaotic world, it is very important that we look for equilibrium in our lives, focusing on making our home a place in harmony with nature, so that we can find our private oasis of peace.

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In the late Eighties in Cordignano, a city near Treviso, Patrizio Dei Tos founded a company with a very clear vision: creating something that could make people feel in harmony with nature and with themselves. Itlas still carries this vision, providing environment-friendly products that combine the highest quality with a unique style.


Nature shines in all its beauty through Itlas wood products: the raw material is kept as natural as possible, avoiding any chemicals treatment and designing shapes that follows the woods, instead of suffocating it. The Massivi collection also includes benches, statues, chairs and tables that will match perfectly with the Itlas floors, creating a perfect harmony.

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The green soul of Itlas keeps its old-fashioned values, but the innovation spirit of the company makes it look towards the new technologies. The majority of the woodworking is done by hand, but craftsmanship finds aid in the natural paints, in the special glues that make the finish product complete.

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Itlas’ versatility will make you desire to use a parquet even in rooms where you would have never thought to put it: bathrooms. An Itlas wood floor is perfect even for an environment that is often wet and humid: resistance in time is guaranteed, together with a design made of contrasts between colors and materials. Your restrooms will have a strong characterization and a classy spa style, with neat lines that will help you relax and destress. 


Take a look at more wood design by Itlas.

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