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Overhead cupboards for your children’s bed

Overhead fitments can be the perfect solution for your children’s room.

25 September 2017 250 0

Italian companies are so various and different in the styles they offer for your furniture. When it comes to home décor for children, what you look for is a design which can combine functionality and high quality to create a nice environment for your kids. 


Wooden handworks and timeless style: these are the main focuses for the Caroti brand. The naval taste that is the signature of this company's design is perfect for a children’s room decoration: the fine woods manufactured to recall the inside of a boat will engage any kid’s imagination and can be the beginning of a great adventure. The overhead cupboards are an elegant feature that will help you save space in the room and add a unusual disposition to the furniture. More than a compromise due to lack of space, this piece will be a valid solution to combine style and functionality.


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Giorgiocasa, with its fourty years’ experience, is a company with a classic taste for furniture. This Italian brand brings its charming products into children’s rooms with pastel colors and delicate shapes. The overhead fitments are designed to be harmonious with the rest of the room, without giving the impression of taking up too much space. Functional and elegant, the overhead wardrobes by Giorgiocasa will make your kid’s room a classic and cozy environment.


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Axil is a brand with a much modern style: the company has a neat design that embraces vivid colors, and rarely includes the natural look of wood like the two other brands. This company has been one of the best in Italian designs for over thirty years now, providing high quality furniture, monitoring the products in every phase of the making process, maintaining elevated standards. Overhead fitments by Axil are are designed to be extremely harmonious with the whole room’s furniture. This Italian brand will help you creating the perfect environment for a dynamic and vivacious child.


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