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I Biagi: the beauty of the Renaissance in your home

I Biagi is an Italian brand that designs wonderful home decor items in a classic style and creates fine handmade accessories for your interior.

26 September 2017 41 0

In 1987 the Biagi family founded this home decor company in Pescia, a city in the beautiful region of Tuscany. It is notorious how this part of the Italian peninsula has been the cradle of the finest art of the Renaissance: the most skilled artists, painters, artisans and designers of the time all gravitated around Tuscany, which became the beating heart of Italian art.


It is the true essence of the Italian Renaissance that you will see in the home accessories by I Biagi. With the wisdom that comes from the great Italian metal craftsmanship tradition, the design by I Biagi will decorate your house with a classic style, which has an antique flavor and a beauty that will challenge time.

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Most of the designs by I Biagi is characterized by a combination of hand crafted bronze and crystal elements. The best handcraftsmanship skills of the Italian artisans make every piece unique, exclusive and irreplaceable. The fine carvings and the luxurious designs of these home accessories stand out for their timeless charm.


I Biagi products are named after the main Italian Renaissance artists: a goblet with the name of the delicate Botticelli, a glass dedicated to the timeless Masaccio, a vase that carries the name of Buonarroti and one that shares the name with Galilei, a golden chalice named like the exuberant Botticelli.


Precious objects by I Biagi can be truly appreciate by those who have an expert taste sensitive to quality. The harmonious shapes, the rich materials, the thoughtful colors combination make every item a true work of art. Your home will gain interesting details with a classical style, your home decor will become one of a kind.


The brand I Biagi creates style that is classical but always new, since each one of the pieces they design and craft is hand made. Franco and Carlo Biagi, the owners of the company, work together in order to create a design that can bring original ideas and classical beauty into home decoration items. 


Find out more about I Biagi here.

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