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Cozy luxury with Italian bedding goods

Comforters, blankets and duvets are essential bedroom features for the upcoming cold season of the year. These three Italian brands will make your autumn and winter comfortable and classy.

26 September 2017 661 0

Somma is one of the main Italian brands in the luxury bedding sector. The company has been furnishing bedrooms with the finest duvets, blankets, sheets all over the word. Since last century, Somma has proven itself to be caring about quality, style and comfort, always keeping the standards very high and selecting the best materials.


Somma aims to furnish homes with bedding pieces which can bring style and comfort to your bedrooms. Let the Somma blankets cover your body with the Australian merino wool, one of the warmest materials. Treat yourself by going to bed wrapped in Chinese cashmere covers, along with the finest Egyptian cotton sheets.


For the coldest times of the year, Somma has the right piece of bed clothing, warm and soft as a cloud. Their duvets are stuffed with real goose down, to accompany you in your sleep in the best way. Falling asleep in a Somma duvet will bring the sweetest dreams in your resting hours. The covers will make your bedroom a luxurious oasis where comfort and design match.


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Since 1980, Molina Piumini has been specializing its production in feather and fibers fillings. For over a century, Molina has been conducting researches in order to provide the best comfort to their customers. The company always cared for selecting materials that could satisfy high standards of salubriousness and designing bed features to personalize any client’s home decor.


The soft quilted bedding goods by Molina will enter your bedrooms in all of their beauty, assuring you comfort during your sleep and bringing style to your decoration. The in-depth knowledge of the raw materials is the base on which the designers and the researchers build an extraordinary product, that can be a lifetime feature for your home.


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Attention to details and entrepreneurial spirit are the main features of the Caprai brand design since the Fifties, when it was born. Angelo Caprai instilled his passion and his taste to his sons and wife, who now are in charge of the company. The uniqueness of this brand’s style lies in the trousseau details that characterize the products.


Trousseau is a great and antique tradition in Italy. Angelo Caprai was able to turn a small activity into a successful business, thanks to his handmade trousseau ability and its passion for home decor.


Blankets and bedding goods by Caprai were a success from the very beginning: well refined craftsmanship, attention to details and high quality standards gained the trust of customers all over the world. These fine pieces will decorate your bedroom with a classic taste, adding personality and style to the room.


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