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Recommendations of European Creative Folding Furniture Brands

Recommendations of European Creative Folding Furniture Brands

What are good brands of folding furniture?

The portable and space-saving folding furniture is becoming increasingly popular these days. Quite a few people prefer buying folding furniture in their houses to save space, especially the small-sized apartment owners. So what are good brands of folding furniture?



In 1971, various sofas and armchairs are everywhere in the market owning to the large furniture companies and famous designers on one hand, and the emulation of ancient furniture and the efforts of skillful workers on the other. Later, Biesse, a new Italian brand was born. 


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At first, Italcomma was famous for making chairs. Nowadays, Italcomma has diversified furniture and has developed other lines of products like sets of chairs, armchairs, stools and sofas. All of these products can be "amended" and "corrected" based on the current fashion trends. Thus, Italcomma has come up with a set of strict standards in designing its products, the series of Thonet is considered an outstanding representative. 


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Tonino Lamborghini

In the world of cars, Lamborghini is full of mystery, it has launched many unique but fashionable sports cars with marvelous designs unexpectedly. High up on the totem-pole, the legendary Lamborghini enjoys the applause and admiration from the ground.


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     Bassam Fellows

Bassam Fellows focuses on reviving the craftsmanship in modern life. Co-founded by the Australian designer Craig Bassam and American creative director Scott Fellows, Bassam Fellows has become a world-renowned design company famous for its modern handmade furniture with elegant design and high quality.


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