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Lema: bookcases to contain, bookcases to divide

Lema reinterprets the tradition function of bookcases, thinking to contemporary needs in houses.

27 September 2017 108 0

A bookcase is a piece of furniture meant to store objects, contain books, expose ornaments, but it can be so much more. The Italian company Lema created bookcases that can perform the function of space dividers: more versatile and modular than simple walls, and certainly more stylish.


Modern houses have a fluid conception of space and of the every room's function. More often the spaces overlap each other, or are unified with open views and unusual furniture disposition. Kitchens and living rooms are rarely separated by a wall in nowadays homes, and less often there is a door between the bedroom and the rest of the house.


Lema thought of a system that could divide a room’s space without interrupting the visual perspective: load-boarding bookcases can be placed in the middle of a room, capturing the attention and adding a unique touch of style, without making the space look smaller. This smart solution to organize the space of the house is congenial to the contemporary style of nowadays homes: it saves space, adds storage room and looks very interesting and appealing.


Light can shine through the Lema bookcases, letting the room breath and making it look more spacious. A unique mix of volumes, wholes, shapes and materials makes every Lema piece a stylish feature for your home. The brand will guide you with the wisdom of their personell’s experience to find the best solution for your needs and your house. Tailor made service and personalization are key elements of the service Lema offers to its customers.


Lema was the first Italian company to provide a tailor made modular system for load-baring bookcases. Since the Maroni Family founded the company in 1970, Lema’s main focus has been on deigning innovative pieces of furniture with the best materials. Lema has reached its success thanks to the manufactural skills of its artisans, the luxurious style of its designers and high quality and resistance of its products. Over the decades, the brand gained the customer’s trust and kept furnishing millions homes.


The Selecta system is one of the most popular models. This piece will charm you with its squared design and its classy simplicity. Selecta can be customized in its classic features, or it can be enter your home in the freestanding version, to provide a certain rhythm to the separation of the interiors. Hard woods like durmast are ideal for this model of bookcase, that is usually chosen in plane colors, like charcoal, dark grey or dust.


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