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Smart and functional home decor to stand out from the crowd: Opossum Design

Smart and functional home decor to stand out from the crowd: Opossum Design

Opossum Design is a dynamic company from Germany that creates designs that are guaranteed to be original, unique and truly unseen before.

Nowadays is getting harder and harder to find actually original designs. The market is full of products with a standard line, all resembling each other: nothing stands out from the crowd. Opossum Design aims to do the exact opposite: providing homes with unique pieces, original items that can express the personality of the people who chose to have them.


Why choosing an anonymous item for your interiors, a boring piece of furniture for your home décor, an outdoor product that you have seen before in many houses? Opossum Design speaks to those who feel different, and want to express that uniqueness in their choice of interior decoration.


Opossum creates furniture of all kinds: metal and wood coat hangers that look like contemporary sculptures, essential lightings and chandeliers both for the interiors and for the outdoor, pieces that will make your garden area one of a kind.

This German brand truly wants to stand out from everyone else; Opossum also designs lovely outdoor pieces meant to be bird nests, to crowd your garden or your terrace with a bunch of colored birds.


Opossum is always up to date with the latest trends in the furniture field, constantly trying to come up with new and original ideas to meet every need its customers might have. The materials they use to produce their pieces have to meet high quality standards and undergo a series of checking, to provide you only with the best.


Find out more about Opossum Design here.

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