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Luxury sofas for a classy comfort

Luxury sofas for a classy comfort

Comfort and classy style can go hand in hand when it comes to sofas and couches. Let us take a look at two brands which made a philosophy of those characteristics.

Only a company with a well defined goal can truly make the difference in the market and provide products that will have a distinct signature. Rivolta really embraced this way of thinking since its foundation: this Italian company is specialized in leather pieces of furniture. This material has no secrets to Rivolta’s artisans, who treat it bending it to the characteristics of each product. Couches and sofas are the main focus of the Rivolta brand.


The only way to utilize leather at its best is to place into the most skilled artisans with long experience. Rivolta wants to provide you with sofas that have been hand crafted by its best leather artists, who work with passion and understanding of the product. The couches from this Italian brand will welcome you in a comfortable and soft embrace. Appealing shapes and luxurious design make every Rivolta piece a true masterpiece.


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XVL is a contemporary style home decor studio that handcrafts high quality products. The Belgian company is well known in the luxury design field, even though it was only born in 2004. The fast rise of the XVL brand happened thanks to the constant hard work of its designer, always aiming to stay up to date with the contemporary trends and creating originals designs. XVL has now showrooms all over Europe and presents its collection all over the world, from the old continent to the United States.


Fine leather treated to provide time resistant furniture and elegant fabrics covers ergonomic and comfortable sofas. Your living room will surely become your favorite spot in the house, thanks to couches by XVL. Each piece of furniture can be customized by the customers, who can choose how to combine textiles, wood, metal and leather in the way they like best.


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