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Emko, Eastern Europe design tradition

Emko is a furniture and home accessories company based in Lithuania. Let us find out the story and the goals of this brand from the East of Europe.

29 September 2017 116 0

Baltic regions of Europe have a great tradition of craftsmanship with a very peculiar style. The uniqueness of the style of those countries is due to the combination of many cultures: Northern Scandinavian populations, Eastern European people and influence from the bordering Western Europe countries.

A Lithuanian design company took all those influences and different styles, and combined them with the contemporary needs and the modern ways of life. This is the first step that took Emko to life, from the idea and the dream of Erika Mrkovska-Mikulskiene, who founded the company in 2009. Since then, the brand has tried to bring its uniqueness to the market, maintaining high quality standards and a distinct personality.

Emko offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture, office supplies, together with many home accessories. All the products are designed to be functional and environment-friendly, with a look that is not easy to forget. All the pieces by Emko have an unmistakable minimal design, enriched by details that make the products appealing and unique.


The ideal customer of this young brand is an active and dynamic person, whose exuberant personality is visible in every aspect of life, including furniture. Emko designs aims to create home decor features that will express an alternative way of thinking, an unconventional and beautiful way of living life at home and at work.

Natural woods that recall a natural environment express the green soul of Emko, while the bright colored details and the original shapes state the aim for uniqueness and distinctively. The Lithuanian home decor brand is rapidly expanding its market, speaking to new generations and fascinating the old ones. Emko will furnish the homes of today and tomorrow with conscious pieces that are able to reflect the owners’ personality.   

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