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The timeless elegance of marble

The most noble of the stones can transform your interior decor completely: marble floors and accessories are the perfect feature for a high class home.

29 September 2017 106 0

MGM is one of the best marble companies in Italy. The brand is specialized in designing and manufacturing amazing home accessories carved in this luxurious stone. MGM offers a varied range of products, including tables, chairs, vases, slabs and many other ornaments. The design of this marble pieces combines the classic beauty of the stone with the contemporary taste of the shapes. Marble home accessories will be a unique feature to any home decor. You can’t go wrong with MGM products: a classic and white marble piece will give an elegant touch, a colored decoration will be an appealing detail.

After selecting the best kinds of Italian marbles, MGM utilized the latest technology in order to shape into original object this delicate and precious stone. MGM products undergo a series of treatment that are meant to make the marble long lasting and more resistant, without using aggressive products that could alter the stone. Each piece of marble is unique, with its peculiar lines pattern and its color, and so is every home accessory by MGM.

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Skilled craftmanship since the Sixties and attention to trends and tendencies: that is the philosophy of Scandola Marmi. Bruno Scandola, founder of the brand, instilled his sense of style and his experience in this fine marble brand, that still have his values in high esteem. Craftmanship and originality are cornerstones for Scandola Marmi, that provides customers with all kinds of marble house pieces: flooring, kitchens, home accessories, trays, clocks, table tops and much more.

Scandola marbles home collection is characterized by a bold design and a finely refined texture of the stone, manufactured by expert artisans. The brand creates interior design pieces with a strong personality and an appealing look that will make any room decor charming and unique. Scandola Marmi wisely combines different colors of marbles, to design unreplicable flooring patters, and pleasing home accessories with details in contrast.

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Marble floors are the specialty for Namco. Based in the international capital of marble, Massa Carrara, near Florence, this Italian company manufactures superior quality marble flooring to furnish the most charming houses in the world. over thirty years of experience made Namco a point of refence when it comes to the best marble stones.


Namco designed floors not only for luxurious private homes, but also high class hotels, public buildings and exclusive holiday villas. This company is able to select the perfect type, color and cut of marble for any environment, making any room absolutely unforgettable just for the flooring.

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