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Hermes Home: From Couture Clothing to Luxury Furniture

Hermes, the luxury clothing Parisian line, put the French taste for style into home decor with the interior goods collection.

29 September 2017 391 0

Launched in 2011 in occasion of the Milan Furniture Exhibition, the Hermes Home line immediately stated its strong personality and gained the favors of the luxury market. The company offers a vast range of house supplies of all kinds: from living room furniture to wallpapers, from pillows and blankets to chairs and seats, to consoles and desks, and much more.


The unique French touch of Hermes flourishes in the classy design of this home decor collection. Not even the smallest detail is left to the chance: every part of each product comes from the hard work of designers and artisans, who aimed to transfer the same sophisticated style of the couture clothing into the home accessories. The materials are carefully selected to meet high quality standards: fine fabrics, excellent woods, put together with craftmanship skills.


The luxurious products of the Hermes Home furniture line quickly gained the respect and trust of the customers, having the production increase significantly over the years, in order to meet the high demand. 


The well known creativity and uniqueness of the clothing line are equally matched by the Hermes Home furniture. Exotic patterns on stool’s cover can completely change the style of your living room, the bright colors of the chaise longs will enlighten the beauty of your home decor. 


Veal leathers and quotes from the equitation world associate the fashion house style with its furniture collection. Those who have loved the French style in Hermes clothes will be absolutely charmed by the interiors line too. 


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