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Decoration tips: the best door for your interiors

Decoration tips: the best door for your interiors

Doors are an important detail when it comes to home decor. Here you can find some advice on how to match the door style to your interiors.

There is no doubt that a wooden door immediately gives a house interior a sense of familiar warmth. If you are still uncertain about your decoration style, you may want to to choose a door that will look harmonious both with modern furniture and classic home decor. A door made with natural looking wood will be the smartest solution, making sure that is has a detail that adds a touch of personality without losing the minimalist effect.


If you are looking for a simple yet not ordinary wooden door, Guerrieri Villanova is the right company for you. The craftsmanship abilities of its artisans will provide you with a high quality product that will surely meet your taste . Guerrieri Villanova’s design is neat and simple, but every door has a unique detail that will make it special.


Find out more about Guerrieri Villanova here.

A classic is something that never looks old, thanks to its timeless beauty. For those who love the ageless charm of classic furniture, a door with the same style will be the right choice for a graceful home decor. Carved wood doors with delicate painted decoration will harmonize the counter melody of a classic style home.


New Design Porte is an Italian company specialized in had crafted doors with a classic design inspired from various historic periods. Since its foundation in the Sixties, New Design Porte used the finest woods to customize doors for any interior, with a distinct classic taste. This company follows every step of the production process together with the customers, from the choice of the material to the decoration of the door, to make sure to meet all of their needs.


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Some people love to live their lives really looking towards the future, and whish their home decoration to match their attitude. If you are into a contemporary decor and want to express your modern taste in every piece of furniture, a stylish glass door will make the best solution. This material allows you to obtain all sorts of effects: from transparency, to opacity, from openness to haze.


Okey Porte is a modern brand that has the right design style to meet your wishes. This experienced company has a distinct design signature, that combines beauty and class with strict quality standards. Glass doors from Okey Porte are treated with the newest technologies to provide a long-lasting product that will maintain its charm in time, without deforming or altering in any way. Okey Porte also provides you with an innovative automatic opening system for the glass doors, adapting the mechanism to your needs in the best way.


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