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Your bathroom like a true spa with Made in Italy design

Chose the best Italian brands for your bathroom, to make you feel like in a 5 stars hotel spa.

03 October 2017 193 0

The Made in Italy philosophy includes values like craftsmanship, uniqueness of the design and high quality. Italian brands will be the perfect choice for those who wish to transform their bathrooms in an oasis of luxury.

Glass Design is an Italian company that has distinguished itself over the years for the fine bathroom decoration and furniture. The company shared its birthplace with Leonardo Da Vinci, the great Italian artist and inventor, whose values of beauty and excellence were made the foundations of Glass Design.


Since 1984, Glass Design worked to manufacture luxury bathroom goods combining their artistic view with the newest materials and technologies. Artisans of this company craft beautiful design crystal pieces that follow the great Italian artistry tradition, with the aid of new resistant materials such as stainless steel or silicone. Ancient wisdom and modern design meet in some unique design pieces that will make your bathroom classy and luxurious.

A Glass Design bathroom will provide you with all the comforts of a spa, with the chance to personalize and customize every item according to your taste and your home decor style. The brand already furnished bathrooms all over the world, transforming ordinary rooms in classy environments.


Find out more about Gladd Design here.

Francesco Merenda is the founder of Treesse Group, a bathroom accessories company specialized in bathtubs. Merenda’s goal was to create fancy bathroom goods to make his customers feel special and unique. This family-run company stayed true to its values over time, providing 100% Made in Italy design.


Jacuzzi bathtubs, multifunctional showers, mini pools both for indoors and outdoors: those will not be spa comforts anymore. You will be able to treat yourself with these luxuries right at home, in your own bathroom.


Over the course of the last forty years, Treesse gained experience and expertise that make their products stand out from the crowd. Products by Treesse have modern designs, that combine contemporary taste with a touch of classic, for a timeless beauty. The secret to meet international markets’ needs and tastes is to provide high quality goods with a special signature design, and those are the main strengths of the Treesse Group. 

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