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Three unique armchairs for an exclusive home decor

Three design armchairs by three Italian brands, to furnish your interiors with comfort and style.

03 October 2017 89 0

Lady by Cassina is a lovely armchair designed by Marco Zanuso in 1951. This model, winner of the Triennale Di Milano award, is an icon of the modern times, for the innovative technologies invented to produce it and the stylish details. Today, Lady by Cassina continues to furnish million homes, making every room unique with its appealing design.

lady cassina.jpg

A steamed iron structure and opaque basalt legs hold together this wonderful armchair. Coverings are available both in leather and fabric. New textile patterns and decorations have been introduced by Raf Simons for the Everest collection. This pretty furniture item by Cassina will bring a piece of the Italian design history into your home decor.


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A petit armchair with classy details, Kepi is a Saba design piece for elegant interiors. The Saba furniture philosophy is to pursue experimentation without excess, and the Kepi armchair truly embodies this spirit.  The asymmetrical shape makes the design unmistakable, the playful yet classy look makes everyone immediatelly fall in love with this item.

kepi saba.jpg

Beauty and style don’t have to compromise with comfort. Kepi has a tall stuffed back, that firmly sustains the body while seating, and a strong metal internal structure, that guarantees resistance in time. Design doesn’t have to be loud to be unforgettable, and the composed and sophisticated Kepi armchair is the proof of that statement.


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If you think that rocking chairs only belong to old times, Calligaris will prove you wrong. Lazy is a swiveling, tilting and rocking armchair, fun and comfortable as much as stylish. The sinuous design of this piece will accompany you in your best relax moments.


Calligaris is an Italian family company born in 1923; as such, this brand brings all of its experience in each of their products with care and passion. Lazy by Calligaris is a high-quality armchair, whose metal base makes it resistant and solid. The tilting and self-balancing mechanism undergoes a series of tests to guarantee your comfort and safety.


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