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KOHRO: on behalf of the nature.

KOHRO: on behalf of the nature.

Being one of the worlds’ top brand of luxury fabrics, Kohro, through its deep understanding of culture and nature, has turned the design into the endless inspiration.

The word Darshan originates from Hinduism. The literal meaning is "seeing the Divine" ; or "receive the grace of the Divine and special blessings of the seen". In India, which is a country where religion is of a great importance, this word has more shades of spiritual meaning: you can meet people who can enter into the visual contact with the God that is to see the God or being seen by the God. The Kohro designer during his trip has learned the nature and Zen philosophy so every piece of his work seems to narrate the ancient mysterious legend of the East.


Dusk, night dark, courtyard or dawn, every inch of the unique printing and texture of The Darshan Collection with every shadow transformation demonstrates different colors and texture sensation. Neutral restrained tones turn into a deep book and time seems to stand still.


This time Kohro has also demonstrated its newest textile wall covering of The Grand Design Collection. As the name describes, the 30-meters canvas shows us a magnificent huge picture featuring birds, animals and the natural landscape as if it was used in Gongbi Chinese painting technique. And the deep grey tone gives it additional content and sense. The wall coverings of The Grand Design Collection are all hand-painted with the further printing on the double and dash; layer fabric by means of digital technology that aims to demonstrate the extraordinary power of art. 


The nature has become, for Kohro, a constant source of inspiration that is expressed by a plenty of creative leading products. On behalf of the nature, Kohro comes to restore the perfect details of life.

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