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Mineheart: a world of art and passion

Mineheart is a British brand specialized in creative design for home decor accessories. The strong artistic personality makes their signature style unique and extravagant.

04 October 2017 117 0

“Mine eye and heart are at a mortal war / how to divide the conquest of thy sight”. The 46th sonnet by Shakespeare is the source for the name of this company and the inspiration of its philosophy: their style is visually bold and appealing, their passion for art and design is what makes them special. Mineheart will win your heart with the unique decoration pieces. 


MIneheart shares with the British poet the enthusiastic vision of life and the desire to represent the world in all of its exuberance through art. Home decorations becomes the playground where creativity, art, poetry and design engage a joyous fight that gives birth to unique items, that resemble the strong personality of the Mineheart company.


Minehearts wants its customers to never stop dreaming, wondering, playing with colors, images and style like children do with toys. Your living room could be with the faces that will stare right back at you from pillows, lamps or carpets by Mineheart. Your walls can be revitalized by the ironic twists added to classic works of art by these British designers. 


Being such a polyeidic company, Mineheart always look for inspiration from new materials and technologies, combining it with the history of design, contemporary media influences and futuristic predictions in a unique style. Artists and designer from all over the world collaborated with Mineherat: the Italian Angela Rossi, the Australian Courtney Brims, Joao Figueired from Brazil, Chad Wys from the United States, and many others.


Design and interior decoration has to bring something new and positive into people’s homes. Mineheart has the idea that furniture can teach you something about history, about anthropology, about the world we live in, always speaking an sarcastic and joyful language. That is why you will see historic figures, kings and queens reproduced on wooden cabinets, painting, rugs, cushions:  history and art live side by side with the contemporary world, ironically coexisting in home decor. 


Every piece of home decor by Mineherat is designed, produced and assembled in the United Kingdom: that means that the company has the maximum control over every phase of the assembling, monitoring the production and making sure every part of their product meets high quality standards.


Find out more about Mineheart here.

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