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The Luxurious High-end European Furniture Brands

The Luxurious High-end European Furniture Brands

Choose the best from numerous high-grade European furniture brands

The presence of European furniture can be found almost everywhere in our life. As an essential element of European decoration style, it’s all about elaborate carvings, concise structure, graceful lines, splendid colors and a keen sense of art, leaving people with an impression of gorgeous, elegant and engraved images. 


Italian furniture’s focus on good taste is fully manifested in the design of Longhi. Its own intelligent design system enables it to lead the trend instead of following it. The low-key nobility and reserved elegance makes it the most favorable choice for the upstart class across the world.

Longhi | Luxurious High-end European Furniture Brands | Eurooo


Malabar selects durable raw materials of high quality like timber, brass, gold foil and silver leaf and designates experienced craftsmen and knowledgeable artists to create artwork-like furniture. Its design and sales team offer a range of services from design, production and selection to customization and purchase based on customers’ requirements.

Malabar | Luxurious High-end European Furniture Brands | Eurooo


MGM imported from Italy belongs to Guarda Marbles & Stones Srl. MGM has always been dedicated to innovation, providing its customers with the best unique household products. Its cutting-edge technologies and techniques, plus a wealth of experience in household design, make it one of the most excellent furniture manufacturers in the world.

MGM | Luxurious High-end European Furniture Brands | Eurooo


The Italian brand Minotti has a history of 60 years. When it comes to the design of armchairs and sofas, Italian furniture represented by Minotti enjoys much prestige: graceful, fashionable and marvelous. Fabrics and leathers manifest the charm of Minotti design. Seats, bedroom furniture, carpets and bedspreads designed by Minotti have received wide praise as well. In order to achieve that, choosing appropriate fabric lies in the heart of Minotti design, guaranteeing the quality of Minotti products. Exquisite workmanship, high quality and uniqueness make Minotti a world-famous company.

Minotti | Luxurious High-end European Furniture Brands | Eurooo

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