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Morelato: falling in love with wood

Morelato: falling in love with wood

Discover the million shapes wood can take with Morelato. Design furniture by this Italian company will steal your hard at the first look.

Born in the second half of last century, Morelato comes from the passion and the skills of some fine artisans from northern Italy. The key to success was the deep knowledge of the raw materials, of techniques to treatments and techniques to utilize them in the best way, and a sharp eye for design.


Morelato artisans are renown all over the world for the art of wood carving. This ancient technique was first used in Italy during the Renaissance age. This fine technique carves wood pieces with graceful floral decorations or geometrical patterns. Morelato designed many pieces with this decorating system, carving light colored woods like ash incorporating the dark wegnè, to create an appealing and elegant contrast in the final product.


Morelato stayed sensitive to changes in lifestyle over the years, to be able to seize the new needs of the evolving society. Accurate studies of the shapes and lines, careful selection of the materials and a precise planning come before the realization of each and every Morelato model: that is the only way the company can provide with the best products.


Aldo Morelato, founder of the company, inspired this brand’s philosophy: love for craftsmanship and passion about design must lead the everyday work, in order to pursue and obtain the customers’ full satisfaction. Since its foundation, the fine craftsmanship skills of Morelato’s artisans stayed unvaried, but research and new technologies advanced the production process, to provide a better final product.


The great love for tradition and the enterprise spirit actualized in the Aldo Morelato Foundation. This private association allocates funds for the research in new techniques and innovations, but also to preserve the ancient artisans’ skills and transmit them to future generations.


The genuine care this company puts in its products will make you truly fall in love with this fine wooden furniture. Morelato will steal your heart with its majestic libraries, will charm you with its unique cabinets, will catch your eye with its elegant design.


Find out more about Morelato Italian design here.

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